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Our Environmental Commitment

Our team conceived Heron's Nest to fill a void; to create an environmental village with attractive and affordable homes that provide Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy. Every detail has been designed with this core vision. 

Our site is where we begin our environmental commitment. We planned our site around many mature Live Oak trees and natural areas. Trees help cleanse the air by intercepting airborne particles, reducing heat, and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. In addition, our engineering consultants have confirmed that our site is self-filtering. Each home contributes to the water filtration process by incorporating a driveway bio grid. In a coastal area, this is crucial to keeping pollutants out of our ground water. Our site is designed to optimize the connection to nature and this is apparent in our careful attention to the conservation of the adjacent preserve. Our intention is not to disturb, but to complement our natural surroundings.

Clean water is at the core of any sustainable community. Not only have we addressed this issue with our naturally filtering site, but we focus on clean drinking water as an assurance to our residents. With our partnership with Kinectico Water Systems, a water filtration company, we will provide our residents with the latest technology in water filtration. Each home will include a reverse osmosis and filtration system as an outstanding method for achieving water quality. This system can reduce up to 99% of thousands of harmful water contaminants. This will provide our residents with safe, great tasting water while reducing the need for bottled water and resulting plastic waste reductions.

Each Heron’s Nest cottage will be equipped with roof mounted solar panels. This solidifies our commitment to clean energy. Not only will our solar cottages save our home owners money, but the use of solar energy reduces our dependency on fossil fuels that create harmful greenhouse gases.

Our team is committed to providing Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy and our residents become advocates for the environment as well. In Brunswick County some neighborhoods have as few as 10% of the residents recycling. We want to change that, so we have dedicated an area of our site for a recycling center. By encouraging our residents to recycle, we will carry on the environmental theme that is so important to Heron’s Nest.

We invite you to join in our environmental village movement and a commitment to Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy!

Our Homes and Site Include:

Solar panels which provide energy generation for the home.


Rather than use site drain pipes which allow for harmful chemicals and pesticides to be washed into local waterways – we develop wetlands for animal habitat and natural, filtered drainage.


We provide tree save areas rather than mass grading operations which decreases the canopy and degrades the air quality.


We provide natural water runoff rather than concrete curbs that uses substantial natural resources.


Parking areas are developed with True Grid, a sustainable way to provide parking. Asphalt is a fossil fuel product, it retains heat and is impermeable. The True Grid system allows air and water pass through, filtering pollutants on the spot in addition to eliminating the heat islands of asphalt.

The foundation slab of our cottages incorporates an innovative concrete product called CabonCure.  CarbonCure injects CO2 into concrete allowing it to be chemically converted into a mineral which will never re-enter the earth's atmosphere. On average, 25 lbs of CO2 per cubic yard of concrete are saved using the CarbonCure Technology. Using CabonCure allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while retaining the to qualities of concrete we rely on.


Water-smart landscape design which uses regionally appropriate, low water-usage and native plants. In addition we recognize site conditions and plant appropriately. We group plants according to their water needs and use turf strategically to reduce water usage.


Energy smart construction which includes:

  • Products with recycled content, locally available, and that provide moisture management

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump

  • CarbonCure Foundation Concrete

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Energy Efficient Smart Water heater (electric)

  • Windows with Low E energy efficient glass 

  • Energy efficient lighting

  • Energy efficient insulation 

  • Efficient framing methods which reduces lumber use and waste

  • Passive solar design which reduces energy consumption

  • Zero Voc paint which provide superior indoor air quality

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